Auto Priston Tale and Auto Wartale Install guide with Windows Security exception

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

After downloading:

  • It's safe so please allow file: OR with Windows Security.
  • Why do we need to allow these files:
    • These installers support one click to install so we need to do more steps such as install drivers, clean up resouces...
    • Run some installers in command line which integrated in the installer.

After Installing?

  • The tool is safe, why do we need to accept "Windows Security" exceptions:
    • Protect tools from game providers.
    • Protect tools from anti-cheat engine.
  • Put the folder (located at C:\Program Files (x86)\ OR C:\Program Files\in your "Windows Security" exceptions:
    • Go to Windows Security;
    • Open Virus & threat protection;
    • Click on "Manage settings" under "Virus & threat protection settings";
    • Click on "Add or remove exclusions" under "Exclusions";
    • Click on "+ Add an exclusion" (then choose Folder);
    • Navigate to and select the folder located at C:\Program Files (x86)\ OR C:\Program Files\. Done!
  • If AP.exe or Au.Pl.exe file is missing, recover it from Windows Security -> Protection History and Allow & Restore the file from there.
  • Free feel to contact me if you have any trouble at auto zues vn
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